The Best Ways to Remove Stains From Your Carpets

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Having stains on your carpets can really destroy the impression that you want to set on your guests. No matter how much you invest on the beauty of the house, the stained carpet would steal the show and set the wrong impression. The stains on the carpet can come from a variety of reasons, some of which are:

  • Pet stains: While pets do come across as the best companions in times of need, they are not the most concerned about the cleanliness of the house.
  • Coffee stains: We have always had the experience of spilling some coffee on our carpets in front of important guests. While we initially laugh over the incident to save ourselves the embarrassment, deep down we do understand the enormity of the mistake that we have done.
  • Blood stains: The blood stains on the carpet not only need explaining, but a lot of vigorous cleaning. The stain could be from your late night adventures as a vampire, or a fist fight with your friend. But whatever the reason, the stains have to be removed as soon as possible.
  • Soot from the fireplace: Soot on the carpet from the fire in your fireplace is something that gets stuck with your carpet for long. The cleaning requires both expertise and patience.

It is useless to cry over spilt milk, thus once the mistake has been made, it is best that you get into action right away to free your glamorous carpets from the hideous stains. The following methods can be followed to get the best results:

Use a Vacuum cleaner

Using a vacuum cleaner does not mean placing the device on a fresh stain. For best results, pour some water over the stain and then dry it using your handy vacuum cleaner.

Rub it off

With the advent of technology, many might consider this point futile. But there is no better solution, to removing a stain, then a good old rub with a wet cloth. Use a detergent in the process, so that you get results before your arms break apart.

Get the help of a home services agency

Do you have carpet stains, wall stains and the kitchen stains all piled up? So, rather than testing your own limits, you’re better off calling a home service agency. The agency would take the task of removing the stains upon themselves, and make sure that you come back into a stainless and sparkling home.

The home cleaning agency would provide a solution to your problem through the use of expert stain removal techniques. Furthermore, you can also use their services to get a maid for yourself; so that in the future the stain is removed before it gets embedded in the carpet.

3 Things To Look Out For Before Selecting The Perfect Home Cleaning Service

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All of us use home cleaning services every once in a while. Almost all the time, the results leave us a bit dejected since we are looking for something that can catch the eye with its sparkle. The end result is often good, but considering our high expectations we often end up not satisfied. While crying over split milk is useless, you can produce some effort and make sure that the next time around you are overly efficient and selective while choosing the perfect home service.

There is a very fine line between a good home services and an average home service. Considering the plethora of home services available, that fine line often becomes invisible. Thus, you have to follow these 3 simple steps to make sure you are knocking the doors of the right home service.

1.    Ask Friends and Family

While marketers try searching for different alternative to the traditional television ads, word of mouth has become the biggest form of advertisement and publicity. Considering, that friends and family are loyal to you, they are sure to guide you to the best service in town.

Getting the name of a service is just the beginning of the whole journey. As your family and friends name you multiple services that are sure to make your house sparkle, you need to gear up for the next step on the list.

2.    Get your inner Sherlock Holmes out, and start researching

Once your friends and family have suggested you a few options, you have to start researching about them on the internet. The internet can bring forth a variety of options that you can explore. You can check out a group on Facebook regarding reviews for home cleaning services, or you can look at the reviews of any specified company on their website in the form of testimonials.

A home cleaning service that provides testimonials on their website is deemed to be of a kind that treats customers with care, and values their reviews by publishing them on the website.

3.    Look for a service that you can build a long term relationship with

While doing your research, it might have been noticeable that a lot of services specialize in just home cleaning. Besides the majority of such services, there are some that provide the customer with other services as well. One example is our company, Lifestyle Home Service, which sets a pathway for the others by providing all the niches associated with the home cleaning industry.

Getting in talks with a service that performs all different tasks can be beneficial as you can build a long term relationship. For example Lifestyle Home Service provides maid services, home cleaning services, office cleaning services, spring cleaning, post-construction cleaning and green cleaning. Hence, if you need help regarding any of the matters above, you can call us at anytime at 604-425-1123 or use our contact form to send us an email.