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Short on time?  Want to live a healthier, happier lifestyle?  Do you need more time with your friends or family?  Let us help improve the quality of your life by saving you time!  Time is a precious commodity that we can’t get back and we’re passionate about providing quality cleaning and maid services so that you have more time to do the things you want.  Contact us now at 604-425-1123 for a free quote on house cleaning in the Chilliwack and Abbotsford areas!

Be Proud Of Your Home

Ever have an unexpected guest “drop-in” for a visit and find yourself making excuses for the mess?  We recommend weekly cleanings and maid service to help avoid this problem.  A weekly cleaning routine is more affordable than you might think and once your home is up to standard you may find a bi-weekly cleaning will suit you fine.

Pride In Our People

We are proud of our company, our people and the services we provide.  You’ll find it shows in all we do.  Integrity is at the foundation of our reputation.


All our staff are vetted and have criminal record checks.  Our team is genuine and aim to provide 100% client satisfaction.


We’ve created our own training program based on years of experience.

clean your homeServices

Along with Maid services, we provide services like kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, window cleaning, ceiling cleaning, sanitizing, dusting, and vacuuming.


Clean baseboards really show nicely in your home.  We take pride in dusting them and washing them as required.

Ceiling Fans

How often do you clean your ceiling fans?  You’d be surprised at what we find on these!  Maintaining clean ceiling fans helps reduce dust in your home.

Window cleaning

We clean different types of glass including tempered, leaded and tinted glass. We are also experts in cleaning frames made of metal clad, steel, vinyl, wood, etc.

Vacuuming & Dusting

We vacuum all carpeted areas thoroughly.  We remove dust and dirt from tiles, tubs, cabinets, mirrors, flooring, windows, lights, etc.  We use a special vacuum cleaner that has a fine filter to get rid of most of the dust in the home.  After vacuuming, we wipe all the surfaces with a moist towel so that no dust remains.

Bathroom Cleaning & Sanitizationres222

We clean and sanitize all surfaces with highly effective natural cleaning products.  We clean and sanitize the shower and sink, scrub the bathtub and toilet and polish mirrors.  We mop and clean the bathroom floor.

Kitchen Cleaning & Sanitization

We ensure all surfaces are free of bacteria, food debris, and dust.  We clean behind appliances such as stoves, fridges, and make sure food debris is removed to prevent mold, rot, and pests.  We clean inside the oven, inside the fridge, sink and all countertops to bring back that sparkle and ensure it’s a safe environment to handle food in for all residents of your home.  Don’t forget, we also offer cleaning services for rental suites and AirBnB as well!  Call us at 604-425-1123 now!